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Machinery Relocation

We have service engineers with experience in plan and machinery relocation. Our machinery relocation services include

  • Electrically and mechanically disconnecting and reconnecting
  • Arranging and loading transport
  • Offloading
  • Level and alignment
  • Assembly and installation

System Integration

We can integrate modulus design units into existing machines. Flexo unit die cutting units, waste rewind units with the right codes and programming as required.


  • We offer PLC programming

Electrical Panels

  • We offer electrical panel building.

Support Services

No equipment no matter how good is any value to your business unless it is running and running well. We offer the following services

  • Online support
  • Planning and performing maintenance of electronic and mechanical equipment
  • Problem Analysis
  • Customer support
  • System Monitoring
  • Onsite maintenance
  • Repairs and servicing
  • Breaks down support
  • Testing


We offer high quality , greater flexibility and better longevity.

We take pride and are a driven team. Over the past 44 years we have been building a wide range of machinery to suit the printing industry. We are passionate in creating innovative machinery with a special focus on label and packaging however we also offer custom solutions.

We consider ourselves world class manufacturers for digital finishing equipment  using the latest technology , electronics and servo motors. With our modulus designs equipment can be added as customers require.

Looking to built a custom machine that is profitable and productive.

Machinery Development 

  1. Customer Vision , meeting with customer, looking and possible solutions, exploration of ideas
  2. Design phase, develop concepts, layout drawings review
  3. Development and production. Project files with mechanical and electrical components.


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