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Rotamag Insertion Unit modulus unit

Rotamag Insertion Unit modulus unit


  • It is perfect for re-inserting for die cutting, re-printing and to insert and position 2 webs.
  • Using a line drive encoder and eye mark reader, it controls the positioning and matches to the line speed to control the inserted material in register.
  • With a position accuracy of +.02/-.02 and maximum speeds of 40-50mpm, this unit can be easily installed onto your printing press, making it the affordable option for all your re-insertion requirement

Rotary Engineering was established in 1975.

During this time we have manufactured a large range of products. We have a fully equipped CNC Machinery and engineering work shop as well as a fully equipped design and drawing room with mechanical and electrical design using servo drive technology. Rotary Engineering are able to design, build and manufacture complex equipment and special purpose machinery.
Machinery and Specialised Equipment Range

  • Label Converting Machines
  • Flexo Printing
  • Booklet Label
  • Digital Finishing Equipment
  • Flexo Coaters
  • Sheet Batcher Stackers
  • Print re-insertion Equipment
  • Slitter Rewinder •Specialised Design and Engineered Machines

Peter Jessop, Director of Rotary Engineering, is very proud of the quality and the high standard that Rotary Engineering has to offer.
Rotary Engineering is world class in our field and support our customers to the nth degre

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Fully accurate automatic in line counting and stacking of products, ready for wrapping or boxing. Ideal for laser sheets, mailings, envelopes, pads, cut sets, photo paper and standard and in-mould labels. Can be retro fitted to any web press.

  1. Easily Positioned in front of the cut-off point of existing presses.
  2. The stacker is fitted with stopper wheels that activate at the pre-set count amount to match the material into the stacker at the pre-set count amount.
  3. The infeed table is positioned in front of the existing press delivery table with the height adjustment for the sheets to slow into the new stacker.
  4. The Stacker has height adjustment to adjust to the table height of existing presses.
  5. The only electrical integration is (1) sensor cable which will read the cylinder gear, (1) air outlet and (1) mains power 20 amp with neutral
  6. The ball screw is controlled by servo motor and all settings are done on the touch screen very easily operated.
  7. There is side way and front knocking up cylinders to allow a perfect pack delivery. Static and material can vary this.
  8. Fork control by pneumatic cylinder in linear bearings heavy duty for long life. Receiving delivery table fully adjustable through touch screen.


Features and benefits

  • Can be retro fitted to most offset or flexo presses available for two wide production
  • Easily handing of sheeted material and allowing higher speeds of the press
  • Also can be purpose built to suit tickets and tag production.
  • Proven to up the production output by 30 to 40%
  • Less human intervention
  • Exact number per pack
  • Easily handling of material
  • Good return on investment
  • Quickly achieved
  • Very cost effective and versatile with minutes to position and get running into high speed production


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Rotary Engineering would like to let the industry know that the new model Rotamag Qantum Flexo Press is without doubt on the world stage with all features and total flexibility.

With today’s printing industry demands and competitive rates the printer for today needs versatile servo driven flexo presses that can also be used as a digital finishing machine, can run sheeted products, in mould products, fan folded material , laminating with reinsertion as well as able to produce your own adhesive stock integrated cards products.

The Rotamag Quantum has all this to offer in 1 machine is very affordable.

The Qantum is fitted with auto register and the advanced system that had the features of pre-programming all jobs where the press controls the tension and register and speed of the jobs that have been run cutting make ready time and waste to a bear minimum upto 10 colours.

Web widths: 250, 340, 450, 600, 1000.

The Quantum can run film, board, adhesive and basically any stock.

This press can be run the simplest to the most complex of products.  The press is built using the highest quality materials and German electronics.

Rotary also has a range of converting equipment digital finishing, batcher stacker for sheeted labels, booklet inserts, label application heads, slitter rewinders , reinsertion units, RFID inserters.

We can customise to suit your machine needs in most cases.

Rotary has mechanical and electronic engineers who deliver high quality machines as well as 40 years’ experience in the printing

Industries allows us to help and offer high quality options to the printer.

Our machines are of solid design and definitely stand the test of time.

Outstanding features

  • Fast make ready press
  • Operator friendly
  • Able to reinsert back in register.
  • Full servo driven with auto register
  • Micro impression adjustment and will impress you.
  • Machine modulus design

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The Rotamag Quantum

The best value high quality press on the market today with web widths 250mm, 340mm, 450mm, 520mm and 600mm up to 12 colours and operator friendly without standing features

  • 2 minute make ready
  • quick release anilox tray and print cylinder
  • print unit servo driven registion control off eye mark

Flex Press Rotamag Qantum Colour Machine