Batcher Stacker

Date:19 Apr, 2016

Batcher Stacker

Fully accurate automatic in line counting and stacking of products, ready for wrapping or boxing. Ideal for laser sheets, mailings, envelopes, pads, cut sets, photo paper and standard and in-mould labels. Can be retro fitted to any web press.

Easily Positioned in front of the cut-off point of existing presses.

The stacker is fitted with stopper wheels that activate at the pre-set count amount to match the material into the stacker at the pre-set count amount.

The infeed table is positioned in front of the existing press delivery table with the height adjustment for the sheets to slow into the new stacker.

The Stacker has height adjustment to adjust to the table height of existing presses.

The only electrical integration is (1) sensor cable which will read the cylinder gear, (1) air outlet and (1) mains power 20 amp with neutral

The ball screw is controlled by servo motor and all settings are done on the touch screen very easily operated.

There is side way and front knocking up cylinders to allow a perfect pack delivery. Static and material can vary this.

Fork control by pneumatic cylinder in linear bearings heavy duty for long life. Receiving delivery table fully adjustable through touch screen.


Max # of streams: 

standard batcher is 1 and 2  streams

standard Batcher is 1 and 2  streams (ROTAMAG S2 )

can be optioned  to           4   streams (ROTAMAG S4 )

Max Production Speed (Material Dependent):

Stacker is able to cycle with the press speed rating  is 150 mpm or 500 feet per minute this depends on the material wait ,material type

paper curl etc. where due to the product the press would have to slow down

Max Label Length:

standard max length S2 model is 13’’

standard max length S4 model is  17’’

Min Label Length:

S2 model  is 4’’

S 4 model  is  3’’

Max stream width:

the maximum  width is 20’’

the standard width is 20’’/ 500mm

Main stream width:

2.5 inches

Max Material Thickness:

There is no limit on this

There are so parameters in the screen

To change if the material or board gets over

150 gsm .

Min Material Thickness:

70 GSM


Can be retro fitted to most offset flexo presses available for two wide production

Easily handing of sheeted material and allowing higher speeds of the press

Also can be purpose built to suit tickets and tag production

Proven to up the production output by 30% to 40%

Less human intervention

Exact number per pack

Easily handling of material

Good return on investment

Quickly achieved

Very cost effective with minutes to position and get running into high speed production