Ink Jet Printer PM-1000

Date:18 Jul, 2017

Ink Jet Printer PM-1000

Description: Rotary Engineering would like to inform the label and packaging industries we are now selling the Ink Jet Printer PM-1000 for numbering and printing barcodes.

Operating Features

1. No need PC controlling. Bar-code can be identified.

2. LCD full color touch screen

3. Embedded with many vector typeface and word-bank, and the character height and dot size can be adjusted freely.

4. It can print text, graph, time and date, expiry date, serial number and bar code at the same time;

5. Automatic Printing

6.  Bar-Code Function: It can print a variety of bar code, QR code which include Chinese QR code.

7. More than 30 Chinese and English fonts